Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Alvin Curran: On the Roads (2007, radio recording)

Premiered just four days ago on DeutschlandRadio Berlin Alvin Curran's latest radiophonic piece probably doesn't qualify as "vintage" electronic music - but I hope that you'll still appreciate this occassional detour of our Electronic Music Time Machine.

In this 50+ minute piece Roman-based Alvin Curran discovers the sound of ancient Roman roads (so there's still some vintage element in this post). Be prepared though: Sound quality isn't very good (it's an FM recording, mono, with constant background hiss...). But tt's still a rewarding hour to listen to, with Alvin Curran's typical, slowly evolving aural magic.

The amateurish artwork is mine and features a pavement on Piazza San Pietro shot on recent trip to Rome.

Link in comments.


Anonymous said...

Five failed upload attempts later...

zoomusicgirl said...

Thank you for the effort, looking forward to hearing this.