Thursday, 24 May 2007

Walter/Wendy Carlos - Moog 900 Series Electronic Music Systems Demonstration Record (1967)

OK, one last for May. Thought you might be interested in a rare & unpublished demonstration of an early Moog Modular system that Wendy Carlos (at the time when she was still Walter) made for Bob Moog in 1967. Find it, well hidden, on Roger Luther's "Moog Archives" site: Unfortunately, audio quality is low (22 kbps) which however isn't that painful as most of the recording is made of speech (speaker is Ed Stokes).

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Roland Kayn: Elektroakustische Projekte (1966-1975)

The third link in our Orpheus series (="avantgarde" electronics) goes to a digital world premiere, ie. a recording that has previously only been available on vinyl. Roland Kayn is a less known German composer living in The Netherlands. Since the Sixties he is focussing on what he calls cybernetic music: Kayn just sets the basic parameters and then lets his equipment play alone...not unlike David Tudor's live electronic music, which reminds more of a living garden of electronic circuits rathen than conventional compositions. Take your time to get into this one, it's certainly not as easy as your typical Britney Spears, but more rewarding...
Next releases in June 2007: Günter Schickert: Somnambul (1980-94) & Luigi Nono: Musica-Manifesto n.1

Rolf Trostel: Narrow Gate To Life (1983)

Rolf Trostel's calm & beautiful electronic improvisation Narrow Gate To Life, based on the Book of Hiob, was recorded in a church somewhere in Spain back in 1983. Listening to this non-stop composition will certainly be a very good investment of your time, especially if you are into ambient, Berlin school and things like that.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Edward Artemiev - Solaris [Toei Music]

The second edition of Orpheus Records features some of the most beautiful music ever: Edward Artemiev's original electronic soundrack of Tarkovsky's legendary Science Ficion movie SOLARIS (1972). The music is composed entirely on the ancient Russian ANS Synthesizer and simply gorgeous. Its rough beauty is a perfect match of Tarkovsky's sparse, intense images. Despite the relative success and fame of the movie the soundtrack is - officially - still unavailable. What you get here is the CD bootleg release on the Japanese Toei Music label, which sometimes pops up on Ebay. Unless you're into painfully mellow new age easy listening, avoid the re-recorded release on Electroshock, labelled Solaris-The Mirror-Stalker.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Jean Michel Jarre: Music for Supermarkets (1983)

Harmonia's first link is goes to an album, which, appropriately, has only been pressed ONCE. Yes, here we have Jean Michel Jarre's famous and ultra-rare Music for Supermarkets. Only one vinyl copy exists; the mastertape was destroyed. But: Before the single existing album was auctioned, it was played once on Radio Luxemburg (I think it's a short wave station) - hence, recording quality is bad, but you won't probabyl find any better copy. If you do, let me know.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Jean Michel Jarre: La Cage/Erosmachine (1969)

At last, our Electronic Music Time Machine is ready to travel back to Paris of the late Sixties, to discover this rare gem of Jean Michel Jarre which has not yet seen the digital light of the day. There is no better way of starting our rediscovery of lost electronic music than with this superb example of electronic crossover. Jarre, later popularised through his timeless Oxygene chart breaker, is still carrying a sense of experimentation here, after just coming from the hallowed halls of the Parisian GRM.