Thursday, 18 October 2007

Some new features

I added some features to my site: (a) a massive directory of links to artists, record labels/shops, and other blogs. (b) "RockIt: The Audioblog Search Engine". It sounds cooler than it actually is, but it's perhaps still worth a look.
I just set up a Google Custom Search Engine and added my 160 favourite sharity blogs. "RockIt" now searches through these 160 blogs, so there's some likelihood to come up with a downloadable source of the music you're looking for. It's basically like Google's Blog Search, just with a little better precision in terms of sharity/non-mainstream music.

If you like to build your own custom search engine, just do the following:
1. Set up a Google account (if you haven't yet).
2. Log onto
3. Create a new search engine
4. Add the URLs you'd like to be indexed.
5. To add the search box to your site, just use the "get code" function, go to your blog account, add html content, and paste the code.
6. Done. Took me 45 minutes for 160 links/sources.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thx for adding Continuo's weblog to your list. I added yours to my blogroll as well. Impressive list of posts/musicians you have there!