Sunday, 30 September 2007

Wendy Carlos in conversation with Frank J. Oteri [Interview January 2007, Quicktime movie]

Wendy Carlos in conversation with Frank J. Oteri

Recorded on January 18th 2007 in Wendy's studio in New York. It's a .mov file, so you will need Apple's Quicktime or an alternative player to view it (Windows Media Player will probably not work).

Friday, 21 September 2007

Robert Schroeder: Galaxie Cygnus A (1982) [uploaded by "mialee" - thanks!!!]

Thanks to fellow blogger mialee [who left a comment with this important content a few days ago] you're now finally able to listen to Robert Schroeder's lost "astral musique concrete" (it isn't really musique concrete, but I just love this buzzword...) piece Galaxie Cygnus A which hasn't been put onto CD yet. The piece blends Schroeder's popular space electronics with star sounds recorded from a radio telescope - the whole thing was premiered in 1982 at the ARS Electronica in Linz, Austria. [recording] [comprehensive info in German from ARS Electronica's official site]

The piece is basically a single long-form space piece (hence the rip was done into a single track) but for the records here are the individual track lenghts (you may wish to use a programme like mp3cut or something like that).

1. Part-1... 4'35
2. Part-2... 8'32
3. Part-3....3'13
4. Part-4 ...2`50
5. Part-5 ..10'05
6. Part-6 ...6'38
7. Part-7 ...2'32

Hurray & thanks again to our friend mialee for taking the time, energy & expertise to rip this important piece of vintage electronic music and for sharing with us. That's real blog spirit! Thanks again, mialee.


NB: No news yet from the dial up front - I'm still on this megaslow rural connection and haven't been able to upload anything recently. I might come back one day though, so stay tuned (RSS). Can't wait to share the electronic/EMS Synthi 100 track of Stockhausen's Sirius megapiece from 1976/77 (4 hours of cruel vintage electronics).