Thursday, 18 October 2007

My new side project: Radio Schwingungen

After some initial technical work I can finally launch my new blog: Radio Schwingungen. It's basically a virtual rescue mission to preserve the legacy of the once popular (and now defunct) German radio show "Schwingungen" which ran between 1984 and 95 on WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk).

It's not a place of musical innovation or rare, overlooked treasures. It's just a nostalgic attempt to publicize some of my cherished childhood memories and to give this incredible (yet low-brow) radio show a virtual memorial. Actually I pretty much hate this kitsch mutation of electronic music by now I still find it (somehow) necessary to give it a place to survive.

If you're - like me - more into the Henry/Stockhausen/Kayn/Oliveros/Pousseur/Mumma/Tudor/Gaburo etc. side of electronic than this blog will not be for you.

Although our bandwidth problems are not entirely solved yet (I'm uploading larger stuff at the internet cafe) our Electronic Music Time Machine is going to continue to publish lost treasures from the "right side" of electronic music. Stay tuned - there will be updates from time to time, whenever I have the chance to.

Yours as always

Adam Eleven


Anonymous said...

thanks, for your great and lovely work.

peace from Italy

Anonymous said...


You may be the right person to ask that question. There is a piece tahat was use many times in one of polish science TV shows back in early 80's. We are trying to figure out who's song is it?

Here is the track:

If you know it ???? You are GOD! :)) Just joking. This serach has been going on for a few years now. My email is in the MP3 tag.


Adam Eleven said...

@ 77 cuts

Checked it but I'm really puzzled, sorry. See full response at your blog.