Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Tom Zahuranec: Radio Event No. 13 (1971)

OK, you probably knew already that the San Francisco Tape Music Center aka the Mills College Electronic Tape Music Center were among the very best sources of psycho mutant tape experiments (much more interesting IMHO for example than the much better known WDR Studio Cologne) . Unfortunately very little of their output has been released commercially so far (just a few Pauline Oliveros and two Ramon Sender LPs). So it's indeed high time to bring to you Tom Zahuranec's Radio Event No. 13: Bucket - Ful [sic] Mercury Walk from 1971 as presented by US-American composer/moderator Charles Amirkhanian on http://www.radiom.org/ (audio stream recorded from http://www.archive.org/). Never heard of Tom Zahuranec? Me neither. Do it now.
Liner notes from http://www.archive.org/:
Broadcasted live from the Mills College Electronic Tape Music Center via a remote portable transmitter, Tom Zahuranec's "Bucket-Ful Mercury Walk" invited listeners at home to drive to Mills and assist in creating sounds using various electronic equipment including Moog and Buchla synthesizers. Guests discovered and experimented with their manipulated voices while others helped turn nobs on the instruments. Charles Amirkhanian reports live from the event where over two hundred people attended, as well as Don Buchla who brought in one of his new model synthesizers of the time. The program features over 45 minutes of analog sounds for listeners to bathe themselves in. From a series of audience participation radio programs in which artists were given air time to create situations that physically involved the listening audience.

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