Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Thomas Hamilton: Pieces for Kohn (1976)

Added: 23 July 07: Link in comments
One of my all-time favourites of spaced out electronic music. Recorded at the Washington University Electronic Music/Recording Studio in 1976 and never officially released on CD. The inofficial CD-R re-release on Creel Pone was stopped after just a few copies (10 or so) were sold. Luckily I managed to get one of them.

From the liner notes:
Thomas Hamilton is the director of the washington university electronic music/recording studio. he was born in 1946 and received early musical training from thelma taglin and thom davis mason. he attended the university of wisconsin and studied there with john downey. he holds an m.a. from washington university and studied composition with robert wykes. his favorite food is cheese.

Bill Kohn is a ainter and printmaker who teaches at the washington university school
of fine arts. the original tapes were performed at the opening of bill kohn’s exhibit at the terry
moore gallery in st. louis, in january, 1976. the recording was supported by a research grant from washington university. bill schulenburg assisted the re-mix and did the mastering.


Dr. Schluss said...
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Dr. Schluss said...

Hope to see you back up soon. Your blog is invaluable for an electronic music education!

AMP said...

Love your site! Can't wait to check out this inofficial release. Thanks for sharing your diggings.

Ecstatic Peace! said...

hello, do you know where i can buy this Lp?


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Find Thomas Hamilton here:

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cheers m8 great site...pc62