Friday, 27 July 2007

Luc Ferrari: Interview (1972)

I don't have to say a lot about Luc Ferrari, have I? This is another audio stream to MP3 conversion from

Original Liner Notes:
Host of KPFA-FM's Ode to Gravity series Charles Amirkhanian,interviewed French composer Luc Ferrari at his home in Paris in Juneof 1972. The night before the interview, Ferrari had a world premiereperformance of his "Monologos I" at the Opera Comique. Ferraridiscusses his compositional practices and experiments in voice andtape delay that developed into Monologos I. The two also talk aboutFerrari's activities since 1970 which included the writing of his book"Les réalisable et le journal d'un autobiographe", a work of textcompositions and part autobiography; and creating the first sonicchapter of his "ecological" series in observation, "Allô ici la terre". Theinterview also takes a philosophical turn as Ferrari describes the nonexistenceof "truth" or any correct "system", political or otherwise, andhow we must devise many different ways of going about the act ofliving.
Musical selections during the program include:
  • Monologos I [live recording]Performers: Luc Ferrari, electronics; Elise Ross, voice
  • Music Promenade
  • Presque Rien, 1


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