Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Klaus Schulze: Das grosse Identifikationsspiel (1973)

Link in comments (added 23 July 07).
Klaus Schulze has not always been the mainstream electronica sunnyboy (forgive my blasphemy) who's repeating his one and only d minor Minimoog chord & eight step sequence for more than 30 years now. In his formative years he's shown a bit more explorative and daring approach, as can be witnessed in this EMS Synthi A tour de force from 1973. It's a weird, noisy journey into the possibilities of synthesized sound, and even 34 years after its making it is big fun listening to this beast in one go, on headphones. Go and do it. NB: The piece has been composed for a German radio play by Alfred Behrens, which features an equally weird Sci-Fi plot. Worth to learn German for it!


Anonymous said...

Find Schulze (finally) here:

Suit & Tie Guy said...

thanks very much for posting this. however i must take issue with what sounds like a dismissal of Klaus as someone who is stuck in a rut.

does anyone ever criticise Miles Davis for basically spending his entire life playing the same lines on his trumpet? Klaus and Miles both pretty much rely(ied) on the same sort of soloing their entire careers, but change the context in which it was placed.

Anonymous said...


I downloaded the file but when unzipping it says that "No Archives Found" !

could you pls re-upload it?