Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Terry Riley: You're No Good (1967 or 68)

Saturday Night Fever at Orpheus Music. That's why our mighty Electronic Music Time Machine travels back to the summer before the summer of love (=1967 or was it 68?) and materialises in this obscure North American discotheque which had just commissioned this weirdo tape manipulation by Terry Riley. The sexy original by Harvey Averne is included too. Super duper disco dance, poppy like no other. Move your ass - and then check out the wonderful label Cortical Foundation, where you can find more rare Terry Riley releases.


Anonymous said...

Find Terry Riley here:

Anonymous said...

...or here (
...or here ( if there are any problems with the long massmirror link.

wassonii said...

Thank you for these pieces. madness, certainly! And for the Cortical link. Merci!

Unknown said...

it was so hilarious hearing this the first time. After hearing that terrifying drone/crescendo and then the "original"... beautiful. I am great fan of Terry Riley, thanks for this.