Thursday, 5 July 2007

Next releases in the pipeline

  • Rüdiger Rüfer: Musik aus Urklang
  • George Russell: Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature (1968)
  • Terry Riley: You're No Good
  • Tonto's Expanding Head Band: Feat. Malcom Cecil
  • Various Artists: Electroacoustic Music Vol. IV: Archive Tapes. Synthesiser ANS (1964-1971)
  • Luc Ferrari: Interview (1973)

Coming in the next couple of weeks - as soon as we've fixed our upload problems.


Anonymous said...

Do you have Terry Riley - Rainbow in a curved air ?

actuel said...

hello and thx for all the wonderful electronic music. your post are quite steller.

i'd like to suggest that you consider using divshare or massmirror, as sharebee and many of the other services are quite miserable and hit or miss in their consistency.

Beppe: i have "Rainbow..." and other Riley works over at my site:

anyway, keep up the nice work. btw, your EasyShare links seem to have hit the crapper. again, divshare has been a solid for me.

Adam Eleven said...

@ Actuel
Massmirror vs. sharebee is certainly a matter of taste. I've never had any up/download errors with sharebee, but lots with massmirror. Will have a look at divshare though (mediafire is also very good). Luckily/unfortunately these file hosts are a pretty dynamic thing, so IMO it's not possible to find a panacea that works out well over at least a few months.

Adam Eleven said...

@ Beppe
I've got Rainbow in a curved air but WON'T POST any albums that are still in print and easily available through good record stores like forced exposure, a-musik or mimaroglu music sales. That's also why I won't post Synergy's Computer Experiments - just discovered that it's still available from Sorry!

Adam Eleven said...

@ Actuel
By the way, your blog is A GIANT! I really love. Thanks for getting in touch.

XMP said...

Thanks for the comments on my site. Definitely linking you up - your site looks very interesting....