Friday, 21 September 2007

Robert Schroeder: Galaxie Cygnus A (1982) [uploaded by "mialee" - thanks!!!]

Thanks to fellow blogger mialee [who left a comment with this important content a few days ago] you're now finally able to listen to Robert Schroeder's lost "astral musique concrete" (it isn't really musique concrete, but I just love this buzzword...) piece Galaxie Cygnus A which hasn't been put onto CD yet. The piece blends Schroeder's popular space electronics with star sounds recorded from a radio telescope - the whole thing was premiered in 1982 at the ARS Electronica in Linz, Austria. [recording] [comprehensive info in German from ARS Electronica's official site]

The piece is basically a single long-form space piece (hence the rip was done into a single track) but for the records here are the individual track lenghts (you may wish to use a programme like mp3cut or something like that).

1. Part-1... 4'35
2. Part-2... 8'32
3. Part-3....3'13
4. Part-4 ...2`50
5. Part-5 ..10'05
6. Part-6 ...6'38
7. Part-7 ...2'32

Hurray & thanks again to our friend mialee for taking the time, energy & expertise to rip this important piece of vintage electronic music and for sharing with us. That's real blog spirit! Thanks again, mialee.


NB: No news yet from the dial up front - I'm still on this megaslow rural connection and haven't been able to upload anything recently. I might come back one day though, so stay tuned (RSS). Can't wait to share the electronic/EMS Synthi 100 track of Stockhausen's Sirius megapiece from 1976/77 (4 hours of cruel vintage electronics).


Dr. Schluss said...

Nice to see a new post! Thanks for doing what you can. This is a wonderful mucic blog.

Dr. Schluss said...

It's great to see a new post! Thanks for doing what you can. This is a wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

hi fans,

"Robert Schroeder: Galaxie Cygnus A"

another rip in APE format with cue file .
you can now burn it on cd cd or make separate tracks (mp3 for exemple)

rip not cleaned of scratchs (c'est un vinyl après tout, haha)
but you can clean it by yourself, if you prefer.
this my contribution for the world of
berlin school addicts.