Thursday, 13 December 2007

Various Artists: Serge Musician's Tape (1983)

What would Orpheus be without Eurydice? The law of large numbers has once again made it possible to unearth a remarkable finding of obscure, totally unavailable electronic music. What I'm trying to say in my broken English is that three kind readers responded to my request of the Serge Musician's Tape and submitted copies of the original post by m/n/m/l.
Heartfelt thanks to all of you for your great contributions. This post is dedicated to you (including the original poster m/n/m/l):
  • Anonymous from The Netherlands - he was the first - many thanks!
  • Emoc from France - please visit his amazing site with many electronic goodies - thanks!
  • Segerfalk from Sweden - please visit his upcoming site with vintage analog gear - thanks!

The Serge Musician's Tape is a promo tape from 1983 containing very rare pieces composed on the mighty SERGE MODULAR SYNTHESIZER. It was posted around 2005 by m/n/m/l but became unavailable later. Here's the tracklist (the majority of pieces remain out of print); once again: this was originally preserved from cassette by the musician m/n/m/l (make sure to check out their website for other releases made on the Serge Modular). Many thanks for their outstanding work. The cover is mine.

00 - Reference Tape Noise
01 - Warren Burt (1982): You want maybe something a little intense diatonic
02 - Broadscore (=Jill Fraser & Elizabeth Myers): Esso(tm) Commercial
03 - Michael Elliot: #5
04 - Scot Gresham-Lancaster: Suburban Dream Music
05 - Brad Stilley: Official Entry
06 - Roger Powell (1983): Auroramor [excerpt]
07 - Earl Howard: Untitled [excerpt]
08 - Rick Blanchard (1982): Big Mama
09 - Todd Barton (1982): Killer Didgeridoo
10 - Planetary Peace: He is Come
11 - David Vosh & Jack Deckard: Sequence '82
12 - Ivan Tcherepnin: Santur Opera
13 - Kevin Braheny: Papoon for President
14 - Michael Stearns: Toto, I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore
15 - Eric Drew Feldman: Butch the Dog
16 - Tom Dill: Untitled
17 - Brad Slocum: Bach Brandenburg Concerto No 5
18 - Darrel Johansen: Moto Perpetuo
19 - Alvin Curran: The Works
20 - John Wiggins: Anagenic
21 - Easy Teeth (=Paul Young & Robert Williams) (1980): Her Blade
22 - John Adams (1983): Meerstille

Sharebee (Part 1)
Sharebee (Part 2)
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ross said...

how does one contact you?

here are some excursions with my serge modular synth

ltm said...

thank you for all the serge stuff. this blog is yummie. bye! merijn

Adam Eleven said...

@ Ross

Thanks for the youtube links. I'm at adam.eleven at