Sunday, 2 December 2007

[Switched-on special] Synthesonic Sounds: Ye Olde Moog (1974)

The list of more or less notable composers who dipped into the novelty Moog scene either before they started their "serious careers" or to cash in the moog hype reads like a list of actors/actresses with early secret outings into porn.

Mike Batt (the man behind Synthesonic Sounds) is one example: While his career is peppered with some success stories in mainstream music (most recently he produced the excellent British-Georgian singer Katie Melua) his two Moog albums remain a well-hidden footnote in his biography.

After 1973's Moog at the Movies, an interpretation of famous cinema tunes, Mike now turnes to some prominent entries in the American Songbook: Scarborough Fair, Morning has Broken, Amazing Grace and House of the Rising Sun - all played on the Moog. But this isn't yet another "I was young and needed the money" lp recorded in one day to soothe a profit-hungry record company: it's still quite a nice album to listen to, even after 33 years after its making.

01 - English Country Garden
02 - Riddle Song
03 - Scarborough Fair
04 - Ash Grove
05 - The Drunken Sailor
06 - Danny Boy
07 - Morning has Broken
08 - Oh No John
09 - Strawberry Fair
10 - Streets of Laredo
11 - Amazing Grace
12 - Early One Morning
13 - Greensleeves
14 - Cockles and Mussels
15 - Loch Lomond
16 - House of the Rising Sun

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seasob said...

This is indeed a rarity...I've been collecting moog LP's for a decade and never heard of this one! Thanks so much for your efforts.