Wednesday, 26 December 2007

[Switched-on special] Various Artists - Metamorphoses. Electronic Interpretations of Classic and Modern Musical Works (Melodya, 1980)


The basic formula of today's post:
Take a regular switched-on xxxx record like Wendy Carlos' Switched-on Bach, play it on an EMS Synthi 100, and you'll get this lost diamond of Russian electronic music, and possibly one of the rarest "switched on" records ever made.

Since the Synthi 100 is perhaps the most versatile synthesizer ever build (at least that's what Karlheinz Stockhausen once said) and given the lack of recordings with it (I remember Stockhausen's Sirius, some early Rolf Gehlhaar stuff and Bruno Spoerri's Toy Planet) this record might also appeal to the vintage gear fetishists.

01 - Edward Artemiev & Yuriy Bogdanov: Claude Debussy's 'Le vent dans la plaine'
02 - Vladymir Martynov & Yuriy Bogdanov: Claudio Monteverdi's 'Io mi son giovinetta'
03 - Vladymir Martynov & Yuriy Bogdanov: John Bull's 'Why aske you'
04 - Vladymir Martynov & Yuriy Bogdanov: Vladymir Martynov's 'Spring Etude'
05 - Edward Artemiev & Yuriy Bogdanov: Sergey Prokofiev's 'Sarcasms'
06 - Vladymir Martynov & Yuriy Bogdanov: Claude Debussy's 'Canope'
07 - Vladymir Martynov & Yuriy Bogdanov: Anonymous' 'Summer Cannon'
08 - Vladymir Martynov & Yuriy Bogdanov: Vladymir Martynov's 'Morning in the Mountains'
09 - Vladymir Martynov & Yuriy Bogdanov: Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Goldberg Variations Nos. 5 and 8'
10 - Edward Artemiev & Yuriy Bogdanov: Claude Debussy's 'Voiles'
11 - Edward Artemiev & Yuriy Bogdanov: Motion

Vinyl @ highest VBR
No pass

Note: File names are quite long, so it might be necessary to unpack this archive into a low level folder like C:\


Anonymous said...

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Hasta luego colega!

Anonymous said...

A little help:
Happy New Year.
Beppe from Italy

Adam Eleven said...

@ Beppe

Thanks for the two lossless Mescherin albums, much appreciated. Great early Russian Space age pop (if that doesn´t sound like a contradiction)...there are also a few other tracks on the Cafe Sputnik compilation, if my memory is right. Happy New Year to you too!!

Adam Eleven said...

@ R.13.Ampleforth

Glad I could be of service :-) My personal electronic sex machine is Ivo Malec´s Trila ou symphonie pour mao-meme...