Thursday, 13 December 2007

Synthesizer Demonstration Record: The Serge Synthesizer Volume Two

Here's the long promised, hand-made Orpheus Records Synthesizer Demonstration Record "The Serge Synthesizer Volume Two" with rare recordings by Warren Burt and Thomas Hamilton.

The origin of Warren Burt's long-form Serge studies is unknown, ca. 1974 (I found this stuff through obscure sources). Thomas Hamilton's "Formal & Informal Music" from 1980 was originally posted by Waxidermy - I thought reposting this in a new context would be useful. I dropped the idea of adding Keith Fullerton Whitman's Stereo Music for Serge Modular Prototype because it's still in print. Enjoy!

01 - Untitled [by Warren Burt, ca. 1974]
02 - Untitled [by Warren Burt, ca. 1974]
03 - Untitled [by Warren Burt, ca. 1974]
04 - Formal & Informal music [by Thomas Hamilton, 1980] with thanks to Waxidermy

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