Sunday, 25 November 2007

REQUESTS FOR: The Serge Synthesizer, Volume Three

Added 2 December 2007:

A kind reader who preferrs to remain anonymous has sent me the Serge Synthesizer Tape, thanks very much to him. It's the version from saved before the links were taken down some time ago, and the quality is excellent. It will be posted here soon.


cebec said...

Serge Musician's Tape tracks are here.
delete this post after you grab them so the site isn't slammed.

Anonymous said...

wo ist teil zwei?

Adam Eleven said...

@ cebec

The site you mentioned contains nothing but dead links. But many thanks anyway.

Adam Eleven said...

@ anonymous

Kannst du ja selber posten, wenn's dir nicht schnell genug geht. Übrigens gern geschehen für den ersten Teil...
Bitte in bisschen konstruktiver beim nächsten Mal.