Thursday, 8 November 2007

Bernard Wilets: Discovering Electronic Music (1983) [Documentary film]

Welcome to our Electronic Music Cinema Week:

Watching gigantic, flickering, wired modular synths in action (best: in black and white) can be as much fun as actually listening to vintage electronic music. It's all part of this mysterious, sci-fi-like aura that we all like so much (did I mention that I feel in love with electronic music after seeing the TONTO synth beast for the first time...).
Although there's isn't much footage around, a few really useful documentaries can now be found on Youtube (from where I took the movies shown here, but prepared for offline consumption). You'll need an flv player (just google it) to watch it offline.

We're starting with Bernard Wilet's Discovering Electronic Music documentary in three parts from 1983 ; it's really fun to watch it, so make sure to get it.
original Youtube post aptly says:
"This is an educational film from 1983 describing a little bit of the history and tools of electronic music. The best thing about it is that it is behind the times for 1983, and seems more like a 1970s film. Frequently featured is a Moog modular! Also featured is a Fairlight, but as an analog obsessive, I'm less interested in that. You'll love this film if you love analog synthesizers, electronic music (historic, not electronica), or music geeks. : ) Lots of cool oscilloscope shots, primitive sequencers, etc. ".

Many thanks to the original taper & uploader!! We need more of that stuff.

Download it here (flv player required).

Here's a sample:

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I found this 16mm film at an Op Shop!