Sunday, 13 May 2007

Roland Kayn: Elektroakustische Projekte (1966-1975)

The third link in our Orpheus series (="avantgarde" electronics) goes to a digital world premiere, ie. a recording that has previously only been available on vinyl. Roland Kayn is a less known German composer living in The Netherlands. Since the Sixties he is focussing on what he calls cybernetic music: Kayn just sets the basic parameters and then lets his equipment play alone...not unlike David Tudor's live electronic music, which reminds more of a living garden of electronic circuits rathen than conventional compositions. Take your time to get into this one, it's certainly not as easy as your typical Britney Spears, but more rewarding...
Next releases in June 2007: Günter Schickert: Somnambul (1980-94) & Luigi Nono: Musica-Manifesto n.1


Adam Eleven said...

Get it from here: (1st part) [2nd part] (3rd part)

mutantsounds said...

Now it's my turn to give compliments to your blog.I adore R.Kayn works,actually very soon box INFRA along with CYBERNETIC MUSIC 1,2 boxes will bge posted in my blog. Keep the good work.

Jason said...
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Jason said...

Hi there!
I am very grateful and excited for what you are doing at this blog. Can't wait for your upcoming posts. This Kayn music is gorgeous! I was wondering if you are sure about the track names of this post? It seems that the order of the names might be:
1.01 Monades
1.02 Eon
1.03 Cybernetics I
2.01 Cybernetics III
2.02 Entropy PE 31, Teil 1
2.03 Entropy PE 31, Teil 2
Does this seem right? I wonder this because the track lengths do not correspond to the composition lengths as indicated in Kayn's music catalogue from his website.
Thanks for the inspiring music!
(p.s. I tried to edit this comment but ended up deleting it, so here it is again. Whoops.)

Adam Eleven said...

Sorry Jason, the box from which I transferred the album didn't have any indication of the tracks. I hence took it from which is usually rather authoritative. Perhaps I mixed something up when I combined the three vinyls into two CD-Rs.

w m. m a h e r said...

I'm in love with the Ondes Martenot, an early electronic instrument which you could think of as a theremin with a keyboard. It was popular in the early 20th century and the subject of many classical and experimental compositions. One, by Olivier Messiaen is too amazing to be as rare as it is - "Fete Des Belles Aux". If there is anyone out there who could post it, I would be forever in your debt. Great blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, please keep up the good work!

gd said...

this album is ridiculously good.
thanks a million for sharing!

kevinass said...

wow........thanks alot for this, even if it is an older post.....i love this guy....bought tektra on cd years ago, and somehow lost the 3rd disc!!!! bought it on a lark without knowin anything bout him...! Do you happen to have tektra? thanks agin!!!