Sunday, 13 May 2007

Rolf Trostel: Narrow Gate To Life (1983)

Rolf Trostel's calm & beautiful electronic improvisation Narrow Gate To Life, based on the Book of Hiob, was recorded in a church somewhere in Spain back in 1983. Listening to this non-stop composition will certainly be a very good investment of your time, especially if you are into ambient, Berlin school and things like that.


Adam Eleven said...

Get it from here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Rolf Trostel. I would have never been able to get this in the US. Its a nice and varied album from ambient to a little berlin school with "cosmic" kalimbas as well! Please post more of this music as it is now out of print and we all enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Cheers m8.....i'll give it a whirl.


snap said...

Beautiful, thank you for all your posts so far, it's opened my ears up to many new sound artists.