Friday, 1 June 2007

Günter Schickert: Somnambul (1980-94)

Do you need to know Günter Schickert? Yes, you do! His 1974 electro/guitar album Samtvogel (which still hasn't been published on CD; get it from Mutant Sounds by the way) is probably on of the milestones of early trippy electronics (and, I think, even a little better than Manuel Göttsching's Inventions for Electric Guitar). Schickert's CD Somnambul, released on the German label Musique Intemporelle is now out of print (and really hard to find) and compiles some previously unreleased works from 1980-94, some of which is of ethereal beauty (and some of which isn't). In an interview from 1995, Schickert described his "Somnambul" method like this: He was sleeping next to his equipment (some electronics, tape machines, conch shells etc.) and whenever he woke up after a dream he played his music straight onto tape, which gives it a spacey touch.



Anonymous said...

Find it here:

Awa Loizeaux Zag said...

Thanks for some wonderful posts here on your blog!

Anonymous said...

always in the mood for krautrock.. zenmonkey

Monkey Flinging Poo said...

I just discovered your blog. School me! Love learning about great stuff I've never heard before and your blog is full of cool recordings. Thanks!

Bilek said...

+ 1 to Monkey Flinging Poo (what kind of a nick is that!)

I was curious about recent works of Günter Schickert. That is a great album (even better than some of his '70's records)

keep up the good work